My visit to Monticello with a 6th grade class.

These photos and captions originally appeared as a series of posts on my Facebook page.

view of the mountains

Today’s field trip is for the 6th grade and is at Monticello. Which either means little mountain or giant cello.

kitchen 1

This the Kitchen at Monticello. With 12 grandchildren, there was almost always a bun in the oven.

Cook's room

The cook’s husband was a blacksmith. With the cook’s room near the kitchen, she had the shorter commute.

I’m waiting.

west lawn

The west lawn was used to hold races among the children and grandchildren. Winners were given dried fruit. Losers were given dried fruit.

Monticello house 1

Jefferson’s favorite shape was the octagon. He invented MMA fighting and one Chuck Norris movie.

Monticello house 2

Jefferson recorded the temperature twice a day. When traveling he would take a thermometer with him.

I didn’t have time to ask if the temperature was take orally.

Monticello entrance 1

Inside the house I am not permitted to take pictures. I can only assume someone here has been reading my Facebook posts.

tall window

Jefferson used extra windows to make things look bigger than they are.

That’s all I have to say about that.

small window 1small window 2

I believe these windows were used to surreptitiously admire the buckles and straps on people’s footwear.

reading building

This is the building Jefferson would sit in to look over the mountain and read.*

*escape the grandchildren

coal sheds sign

Should’ve gotten short-haired coal.

zoolander monticello

“The first Monticello was too small.” – Thomas Zoolander Jefferson.

Jefferson grave

The opinion for why Jefferson did not want “President” as One of the things he wanted to be remembered for is that the three items on the gravestone represented what he gave to the American people.

The presidency represents what the American people gave to him.

Jefferson selfie 1Jefferson selfie 2

This guy has been following me all day. The field trip is almost over.

I’ll miss him.

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