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My visit to Monticello with a 6th grade class.

These photos and captions originally appeared as a series of posts on my Facebook page. Today’s field trip is for the 6th grade and is at Monticello. Which either means little mountain or giant cello. This the Kitchen at Monticello. With … Continue reading

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A Father’s Choices

I didn’t know my father.  I knew his name and what he looked like.  I kind of even knew what he did.  But I didn’t know what he felt, what he believed, or what he thought about anything.  I believe … Continue reading

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Is the cup half smooth or half crunchy?

There have been a number of attempts over the years to displace Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from their place atop the candy “bar” alternative.  The only moderate success are those that are seasonal offerings like the peanut butter Easter egg … Continue reading

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Concert Go Er?

Today I went to a concert with my boys who are 8 and 6.  The Fresh Beat Band were performing at a great venue called Wolf Trap, located in Vienna, VA.  However, who we saw and where we saw it … Continue reading

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Ring Toss Today

I spent a majority of the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies on Twitter. I also devoted at least a small handful of tweets each night to either events or NBC’s coverage of the events. A casual glance through the tweets … Continue reading

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Famous (fake) Diary Excerpts

I found these on my old Tumblr account and thought it might be nice to have them over here as I kick off my blog again. They were discovered by me in a cellar that I don’t have. Presidential Diary Excerpts … Continue reading

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Going to school for the first time, again.

The school year begins this morning for our area. It’s later than many other school systems, and there have been countless blog posts that chronicle this event in a much better fashion than I could ever hope to. I have … Continue reading

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